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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Here is it. The ultimate DogMom confession:

I stopped writing about my boys like ... nine months ago. I had this great dog blog idea, and knocked off 10 posts in a row, then abruptly stopped on November 15, 2015. Because ... I don't know. I got bored. Or it got hard. Or the new season of Dancing With the Stars suddenly became a perfect reason to not write in the evenings. Those tend to be my usual fallback excuses, anyway.

By some miracle I am still feeding and bathing and walking and loving the guys, thank goodness, because those regular rituals can get rather boring and overwhelming, too. But not in the same way that writing excites me, then bores me, then challenges me, then defeats me, so that most of my great ideas are really nothing more than a series of starts and stops and coulda-been-great-if-I'd-written-past-Page-25 books-in-progress.

So I am happy to report that the canines are alive and well, and I am still just as flawed and ineffective a pet parent as always. Perhaps that is why I've decided to resurrect this blog with the best of intentions, because I realize, on a daily basis, that I should not deprive the world of the funny, sweet, frustrating, amazing experiences that these two bring into my life.

As I write this, the little one is chewing a beef flavored something-or-other on the patio rug while the bigger guy is curled up and sleeping/panting next to me on the wicker patio loveseat. We're all hot. We're all already fed up with the work week - even though it's only Tuesday - and every now and then, we all look at one another like: "Whose turn is it to make dinner?" Rhetorical as all hell, since they ate two hours ago and I am still delusional enough to hope that something will cook itself and simply materialize out here on my lap.

The good thing about living with no other humans? There are very few surprises. The bummer about living with no other humans? There are very few surprises.

Til we meet again,

H and the Boys

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